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   You can expect you privacy to be respected in a clean, quiet room with soft music. You will be covered with a sheet and blanket, and only the area of the body that is being worked on will be exposed.  Massage works best when your mind and body are relaxed. During your service feel free to chat if you like, but if you prefer to relax in silence, please feel comfortable doing so.


     All massage sessions are individually customized

Choose the length of session that works best for you

Pressure can be light, medium, or deep tissue

Your preference of massage oil or creme, or lotion is used

Essential oils are incorporated upon request at no additional charge

Begin your massage on a warm table with a warm flax seed neck roll.

Your session ends with a cup of complimentary herbal tea or fresh cold water and a personal consultation with your health and wellness in mind


1/2 Hour Session:

  A 1/2 Hour session usually focuses on an injury, or chronic pain in a certain area.  1/2 Hour sessions work well to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and back.  $40/or Series of 5, $180

1 Hour Session:

   An 1 Hour session can be a full body circulatory or deep tissue massage, or a full body with extra focus on a certain area, or only a requested area of chronic pain or dysfunction.  $75/or Series of 3, $195

90 Minute Session:

  A 90 Minute session is typically a full body massage. Although always customized to fit the recipient's needs, it is a perfect amount of time to work out areas of tension and fully relax.  $105

Chair Massage:

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. It is excellent for relaxation and more, depending on the technique(s) used by your massage therapist. I can come to your office, or you come to mine!  $1/minute

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